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How To Prepare To Sell Your House This Summer In Redlands

Traditionally, spring is the best time to put a house on the market with fall coming in a close second. The worst times are winter and summer. It may surprise you that summer isn’t an especially good time to list your house, but you have to remember that people are just busy then. Kids are out of school, vacations are underway, and there are just lots of summertime activities. So it takes some extra effort and preparation if you want to sell during the summer. Here’s how to prepare to sell your house this summer in Redlands.

Prepare the Outside

Curb appeal is always important, but even more so during the summer. What potential buyers see when they first drive up is the outside – the exterior of your house and the yard – and that means it’s your only chance to make that critical great first impression. Very often, buyers will judge your home by what they first see on the outside. To sell your house this summer in Redlands, then, you should begin by doing the following:

  • Water regularly and deeply
  • Mow and edge twice a week
  • Trim shrubs and bushes
  • Lay down new mulch in beds
  • Touch up paint (especially trim and fascia)
  • Paint or replace the front entry door
  • Seal the driveway
  • Perform any necessary landscaping

You have one chance to make a first impression, so do what it takes to ensure you don’t blow it.

Keep it Cool

Once you’ve made the outside look as good as possible, you need to give some attention to the inside of your house. And that means, first of all, making sure potential buyers are comfortable, which in the scorching summertime means keeping them cool. You must, then, ensure that your HVAC system is in tip-top working order. You might even consider installing some small window units in those warmer rooms on the west side that catch the afternoon sun.

Highlight Outdoor Living Areas

Buyers who view your home during the summer will have their minds on summertime outdoor activities and outdoor living. So a major part of what you need to do to prepare to sell your house this summer in Redlands will involve preparing the outdoor living space. Your job will be to highlight your outdoor living areas – patio, deck, pool, and so on – so that buyers can envision themselves spending time there, relaxing and enjoying. Strive to showcase those features that will appeal to buyers who want to spend time outdoors.

Stage for Summer

Staging is always advised, but it needs to reflect the season when you are taking steps to prepare to sell your house this summer in Redlands. Staging will enhance your home’s appearance and make it that much more appealing to buyers. Staging for a summer listing and sale will achieve a bright, cool, and spacious effect. It will definitely include bright, colorful summer flowers in vases on tables, flowers in window boxes, and subtly summer-scented candles. Really, your best bet here to hire a professional stager.

Hire a Local Agent

The final ingredient in preparing to sell your house this summer in Redlands is a qualified real estate agent with plenty of local experience. A local agent will have her finger on the pulse of the local market and will know exactly how to prepare your home to appeal to summertime buyers in your neighborhood. Because summer is one of the slow seasons for home sales, choosing the wrong agent could mean having your house sit on the market unsold for a long time. But we’ve got you covered here.

To find a local agent who can assist with preparing to sell your house this summer, just contact us today. (951) 232-9704

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