How to Use Contingencies in Your Favor When Selling Your House in Redlands

Usually, when people think of contingencies in a real estate transaction, they’re thinking of contingencies to protect the buyer. And that’s because contingencies to protect the buyer are fairly common, contingencies such as an inspection contingency or a financing contingency. Seller contingencies are less common, but they are used in certain situations to provide some … Continued

4 Common Myths About Selling Property in Redlands

If you’ve let it out of the bag that you’re considering selling property, you’ve no doubt already received all kinds of well-meaning advice from family and friends. Some of that advice may be good, but, unfortunately, some of it will just be flat wrong. There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions that abound concerning … Continued

3 Tips to Speed Up the Process When Buying a House in Redlands

Buying a house, especially for first-time buyers, can be an exciting adventure. But, unfortunately, that excitement often becomes nothing more than disappointment and frustration because the process takes so long. Before buyers can get to the closing table, they have to navigate the protracted and complex home-buying process. While some of it is out of … Continued