How to Handle a Bad Inspection When Buying a House in Redlands

A lot of homebuyers have the impression that the biggest hurdle to finalizing their home purchase comes from the seller accepting their offer, but passing the home inspection can end up being the biggest challenge. To help you work through the details and make the best of a less than desirable situation, let’s look at … Continued

How to Find the Best Listing Agent in Redlands

If you’re selling your home and have opted to work with a listing agent, you have another major task ahead of you: finding the agent who can best represent your interests as a home seller. A good agent will assist with everything from pricing to marketing to negotiations, guiding you through every step of the … Continued

What Redlands Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Real Estate Contingencies

Contingencies are common in real estate contracts, but, unfortunately, buyers and sellers often don’t understand them as well as they should. Generally, contingencies protect buyers, but there are important ramifications and implications for sellers too. Read on, then, to find out what [marekt_city] buyers and sellers need to know about real estate contingencies. What Are … Continued