3 Things to Look for When Buying a House Where You Can Also Run Your Business in Redlands

3 Things to Look for When Buying a House Where You Can Also Run Your Business in Redlands

Over half of all businesses in this country are home-based businesses, and a few of the biggest companies started out as home-based businesses. But buying a house that will accommodate your business and your living needs can be pretty challenging. If you run a business from home, the house you buy has to meet both your personal and professional needs. It can’t violate any zoning restrictions, it has to have the requisite room, and it has to be in the right neighborhood – if that is, you want your business to thrive. Here, then, are 3 things to look for when buying a house where you can also run your business in Redlands.

1. Zoning, Restrictions, and the Right Set-Up

The first things to look at when buying a house in Redlands from which you can successfully run your business are the zoning regulations and the various restrictions. 

“Is [the] neighborhood zoned for home businesses? If it’s not, you’re just asking for trouble down the road when the city catches up with you or a neighbor complains. Many municipalities don’t allow home businesses at all, and others place severe restrictions upon exactly what kind of business is allowed to operate out of a family dwelling in a residential neighborhood. Check the zoning bylaws with your municipality.”

An Redlands agent can help you out with this. Just call (951) 232-9704 to find out more.

In addition, when buying a house, there are other restrictions to consider beyond the broader zoning laws. You may, for example, have to have to buy a business license or be prohibited from conducting any business outside the home. In addition, you may have to contend with other prohibitions and restrictions concerning . . . 

  • Altering the exterior of the home for business use
  • Signage
  • Parking
  • Noise and odors
  • Use of hazardous materials

And then you have to make sure the house is actually suited for a home business, that it is the right house. “In addition to the usual list of must-haves and wants, you have a new selection of requirements to consider.

Will you need a dedicated office space or workspace? How much room do you need for supplies and products? If you have clients or customers coming to the house, where will they go? You may want a separate entrance away from the living area, or even a waiting room. You also need plenty of room for parking.”

There’s also the privacy issue – for both your family and your clients/customers. “Your family may need a separate living area away from visitors, so they are not interrupted by clients coming to the house. At the same time, you also must consider the privacy of your clients. You’ll need a system to keep confidential information out of view, as well as a private area to conduct meetings.”

2. Adequate, Suitable Workspace 

Another thing to look for (which we’ve already touched on) when buying a house where you can also run your business in [market-city] is whether there is an adequate and suitable workspace. You must have a designated workspace – whether it already exists or can easily be converted or added.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a house with excessive square footage, but it does mean that the floor plan will lend itself to your having a workspace along with a work/life balance. The ideal situation, of course, would be to have your work area far from the main living areas, for example, a basement office. Although this ideal situation isn’t always possible, be sure to look for a workable compromise.

If clients/customers will be coming to your home, you’ll also have to consider their needs., always keeping in mind that your business will likely grow over the years. Will you need a separate entrance and possibly extra bathrooms? And how will you accommodate the parking needs of clients/customers?

Once you’ve determined exactly what you need with respect to workspace, your Redlands agent can help you find a house that best meets those needs.

3. Neighborhood Suitability

When buying a house where you can also run your business in Redlands, the house itself isn’t the only thing you’ll need to look carefully at. There’s also the important consideration of location, especially the neighborhood. So you should consider the business suitability of the neighborhood where the house is located.

When buying a house from which to run your business, be sure to consider how it will work with and fit into the neighborhood. “Will your neighborhood’s location work for or against your home-based business? If you’re delivering a product or service, it probably won’t matter if you’re . . . out of town down an obscure country road (except for the extra travel cost you incur). But if your home business involves people coming to you, then they need to be able to find it and get there easily. In many cases, you won’t be able to put up any signage, although in others you will be able to have a small, unobtrusive sign by or on your door.”

The Agent Advantage . . . 

Buying a house just to live in is much easier and simpler than buying a house in Redlands from which to run a business. Unassisted, your search for just the right house may take a long time. But an experienced Redlands agent can help you find what you need. If buying a house where you can run your business in [market-city] is your goal, be sure to contact us today at (951) 232-9704.

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