How to Determine if You Should Hire an Agent or Sell Your Redlands House Directly

Being an agent attempting to sell your own property can sometimes put you in an awkward position, and the possibility of enlisting a bit of aid can be pretty enticing. To figure out what the best course of action is for you, let’s look into how to determine if you should hire an agent or sell your Redlands house directly.

Two Brains Are Better Than One

It should come as no surprise that a single agent working alone won’t know absolutely everything there is to know about their local market. 

Years of experience can help you understand the general wants and needs of your average local buyer, expected pricing in specific neighborhoods, and how you can market your home optimally by harnessing the two previous aspects. 

However, there’s always a chance, when you hire an agent, that bringing in another agent with fresh ideas could supplement your already-existing knowledge and give your home’s sale the extra push it needs to be an unstoppable success.

Collaborative Ability

As an agent yourself, you’re familiar with how to typically go about creating a listing and marketing the property to generate interest. 

When you begin looking at the possibility of adding another real estate professional into the mix, ask yourself if you’re ready and willing to both hear and execute others’ ideas. Some agents are so used to operating independently that they can find it very difficult to work with other agents, and it’s important that you’re honest with yourself about your capability and flexibility in this area. 

If you feel that there’s little to no chance you would respond positively to either new ideas or even potential criticism, you could find hiring an agent a disservice to yourself both personally and professionally.

Build Your Network

There’s something to be said for meeting other agents and cultivating additional professional relationships over the years, and hiring an agent to assist with selling your home could be a perfect opportunity for just that. 

Besides this situation being a means to an end with selling your property, it could be a spectacular chance to make inroads with an agent or agency with which you have wanted to work. In addition to the agent themselves, you may be opening up other avenues to cultivate professional working relationships, such as with photographers or home inspectors.

Expanding your available pool of professional resources is always a good idea, and a bit of commission off the top could be a small price to pay for the potential dividends reaped in the future.

Make Some Distance

There are some buyers out there who go into every single showing and open house looking for any and all reasons to be skeptical of a seller’s motives for selling the property. 

Chances are likely that, at one point in time, you have dealt with buyers who cannot contain their paranoia and feel you and the seller are attempting to cover up some unknown tragedy they feel is purposely being hidden from them. Try your best to put yourself in that paranoid buyer’s shoes, and then imagine you’re interested in a home that is being sold by an agent who owns the property. 

Alarm bells are immediately going off, right? That buyer is entering any offers or negotiations extremely guarded because they are assuming you’re trying to rip them off at every turn. If another agent is representing you, it can assist in reducing the fear and paranoia of these sorts of buyers by separating you from the direct sale of the property. 

It may not always work like a charm, but it’s something that can lighten negotiations and lead to a successful transaction.

Help When You Hire an Agent to Sell Your Redlands House

As an agent, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you want to sell your home on your own. If you’re looking to hire an agent to help you sell your Redlands house, contact us today at (951) 232-9704!

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