Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Spring to List Your House in Redlands

Traditionally, the local real estate markets really get going in the springtime, but there are some important signs that putting things off that long could cost sellers dearly. To beat the competition to the punch, let’s look into why you shouldn’t wait until Spring to list your house in Redlands:

Lowered Inventory

It should come as no surprise that there aren’t exactly a lot of people trying to sell their homes during the coldest months of the year. 

Normally, local markets experience a bit of hibernation themselves once things begin to freeze, but right now that exposes a spectacular opportunity for the enterprising owner looking to sell. With fewer homes on the market, it’s that much easier to get your property looking fantastic, and quickly edge out the sparse competition. 

As the weather warms up, more owners will be looking to put their homes on the market, and you are better off getting out ahead of them now rather than increasing the potential for your home to get lost in the shuffle if you wait until spring to list your house in Redlands.

The Demand Is There

One ongoing effect we are seeing from the COVID-19 pandemic is a buyer pool whose volume is constantly in flux, but always extremely motivated. 

The main reason for this is coming and going of different COVID-19 variant waves, and we are currently in the middle of a slowly but surely decreasing wave. As the possibility of transmission goes down, buyer confidence and comfortability go up. 

The ultimate result of this change means more buyers coming out to explore the options available in their local market. Whether buyers are actively thinking about it or not, they all hope to close on their new home before another variant emerges to restart the uncertainty, and delay their schedule all over again.

Bidding wars have become quite common due to the low inventory, high buyer demand, and increased buyer savings they have stashed away in preparation to buy a home.

Interest Rates

An additional result of decisions made by the federal government in order to maintain economic stability throughout the global pandemic has been the lowering of real estate interest rates. 

This has allowed buyers and owners to either receive new loans or refinance their existing loans with substantially lowered interest payments. This has been an amazing boon for both of these groups, but things may be changing in the near future. 

The Federal Reserve has indicated the intention of raising interest rates in an attempt to stymie inflation. The end result of this action would mean real estate interest rates climbing upwards again and tightening those financial tolerances for buyers. 

Getting out ahead of this possibility is going to do you nothing but good, as waiting to list your house in Redlands could see a decrease in interest.

Leverage Your Agent

Hiring the right agent for you can be key to closing on any transaction, and you should do everything you can to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. 

Since there is lower inventory, agents are having to oversee fewer listings and can provide you more of their time and attention. 

Another series of resources that often goes untapped is the professional contacts your agent has made over the years. With the market currently slower than other times of the year, this could put you in a position to negotiate a better rate and utilize these resources. 

One of the most useful of these contacts would be a professional photographer who can be hired to curate a stellar set of images that best represents your home in an ad or listing. If you have already moved out of the home, an interior decorator can be brought in to stage the property and help it feel more alive for showings and open houses. 

Discuss any available options with your agent to take your home sale to the next level.

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