3 Things You Should Never Do When Selling Your House in Redlands

When you feel it has come time to put your home on the local market, there are certainly things you should avoid doing if at all possible. To prevent you from falling into these potential traps, let’s look at 3 things you should never do when selling your house in Redlands.

Price Your Home Inappropriately

What is possibly the biggest way to make or break any home sale is setting an unrealistic initial asking price. 

The goal when setting your asking price is to take into consideration the price of other similar homes in your neighborhood that have sold over the last few years. Look at their final closing prices and factor that heavily into where you feel your home falls on that price scale. 

It can be quite easy to overvalue your home because of the time and money you feel you have put into it topped off with any sentimental value. Remember that buyers are not going to translate that sentimental value into actual market value and do your best to keep personal feelings out of any dealings when selling your house. 

This is the point where an experienced and qualified real estate agent can save the day. 

An agent is trained to maximize your returns while making constructive recommendations that will keep any negotiations moving forward. Shop around and interview a few agents that you feel would represent you well. Have some questions to ask them regarding how they would sell your property, and then hire the agent that you think has your best interests at heart.

Fail to Reduce the Clutter

Anyone selling their home is aware that it should be clean when any potential buyers are looking at the property. However, it will do a lot of good to take things a step further by organizing your possessions. 

A living room looks great if it’s dust-free without any stains on the carpet or floor, but a living room that is also organized to free up any additional living space and does not have magazines covering the coffee table is what will sell. 

You don’t want buyers to enter your home and spend their time distracted by random items lying about a room. You want that buyer to be able to spend their time walking through your home and visualizing what they would do with the space. 

This means removing highly personal items, such as heirlooms and family photos. If you have any pets, do your absolute best to clean up after them, reduce or eliminate any odors they may cause, and do not have your pets present during any walkthroughs or open houses.

Taking a little extra time to make these changes, even if you’re still living there, can go a long way toward selling your house quickly.

Focus on the Bad

For some sellers, it can be easy to start discussing their home with buyers in a positive light and then slowly transition to the negatives. 

If a buyer asks you why you’re planning to move, stay positive and do not allude to any negative circumstances. This can include difficult or disrespectful neighbors, inconvenient commuting, or any other number of less-than-ideal details you feel you discovered over your time living in the home. If you’re aware of any repairs or issues with the property itself, do not bring them up outside of legally required disclosures and do not dwell on them if they somehow become a topic of conversation. 

Make sure you keep bringing up the strengths of your property and do your best to highlight the pluses of living in your neighborhood.

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