Pros and Cons of Living in Redlands Ca

Pros and Cons of Living in Redlands Ca

Pros and Cons of Living in Redlands Ca

Here are my most recent Pros and Cons about living in Redlands Ca. We take look at the Downtown Umbrella Alley, Downtown Redlands State Street, Orange St Alley, The Orange Blossom Trail, Smiley Elementary School, Cope Middle School, Redlands Historic District and more.

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Hey guys how’s it going Thomas jackson redlands real estate guy here and I get the question all the time why redlands so why live in redlands that kind of thing so this video is going to be the pros and cons of living in redlands so let’s check it out so this channel is all about redlands and the surrounding communities so if you’re thinking about moving to or from redlands feel free to reach out call text email whichever way we love hearing from you guys and uh so today we’re here down town redlands one of my favorite spots uh in the town and uh it’s umbrella alley and so as you can see here it’s really colorful place uh there’s a lot of restaurants in here on the alley and so this is one of my favorite spots just to come hang out you know bring the kids down for ice cream that kind of thing and so this is it here downtown redlands and state street is full of all kinds of independent shops all kinds of restaurants offices just about everything you can think of that you’d want to go by or take a look at downtown also northwest redlands has a huge shopping area called citrus plaza and mountain grove where they have all the newer shops all the chains that kind of thing so you got your like your target the walmart’s not too far away you have nordstrom rack all kinds of different restaurants and things so there’s also all the new modern ones for like banana republic bye bye baby the gap nike old navy ross i know my wife loves it there chili’s for kids love it tj maxx kirkland’s home goods and a whole bunch of other places so one of the amazing things about redlands is its old homes the redlands is full of properties that are at least100 years old if not more throughout the whole downtown area and i just love it you know it’s kind of cool to walkthrough their walking street and so as you can see they’re just old homes all over like this one on normandy street there’s the olive market which is a cool place mixed in with houses throughout town there’s all kinds of different style homes so you have a lot of like victorian craftsman style all kinds of different ones and then if you’re not into older homes a lot of redlands was built in the50s a whole bunch in the 80s and many other years too there’s also quite a few new builds that started like in the 2000s and all the way up until 2021 there’s still some new build communities if you’re looking for that brand new home in town all right so redlands is one of those places where people move to redlands just for the school district and so they have amazing elementary schools middle schools and high schools all throughout town this school here is smiley elementary school it’s actually one that i went to years ago and my kids currently go to and this is coke middle school which is just about a block or so away from smiley elementary school and that’s one i went to my kids go to again so it’s kind of a really nice thing so many memories redlands also has this really neat orange blossom trail and so it is a paved trail that goes from one side of town to the other and so a lot of people use it for walking jogging bicycling this mural on the wall is part of the redlands sister cities i’ll explain all that in a different video kind of like a little scenic area all right so another question I get asked is where’s redlands located so for the most part it’s right in between los angeles and palm springs there’s a10 freeway that connects them and so it’s right in the middle of there and so from redlands you know it’s kind of very centralized spot or city because reason that is because we have the mountains which are like 45 minutes or so away so in the winter months you could go skiing sledding you know up to the mountains for a trip ory ou know if we go the other way go east you could hit the desert and there’s palm springs Joshua tree anza borrego there’s all kinds of national parks and things and then if you go west about 45 minutes to an hour then you have all the beach communities there’s like laguna dana point newport huntington all kinds of places and then la isn’t very far from here also and uh there’s a lot of airports and things and uh disneyland isn’t too too far away and so that’s for the most part why redlands is such a good place to stayso i guess this wouldn’t be a pros and cons video without some cause so I’ll give you a few that are in my experience what i think could be cons uh so there’s supposedly earthquakes in california I know we have a little jolt here and there but i’ve been waiting my whole life for the big one that really does anything so that hasn’t happened um every couple years it might be just a little something here and there and surrounding areas there are uh something else is that there’s typically what’s called fire season so like right now it is in september and it’s fire season to where occasionally not necessarily in redlands but the surrounding cities and mountains and things will have uh fires so it’s really unfortunate but just one of those things that kind of happens because you know it’s dry and then another thing that uh lately it seems to get me is that in the summer is that there’s these little ankle biter mosquitoes that just seem to just kind of bite every once in a while so that’s just a big challenge in that itself so that would be the pros in the cons so if you want any more information o nredlands feel free to call tech’s emailand think about moving to the area we’d love to hear from you and talk to you soon thanks bye

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